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  Learn from people
These are all quotes that I learned from people that I came across in my life. They came from different social status, educational backgrounds, beliefs, and they speak different languages. I found them useful to share with you. I hope these quotes may change your faith, fortune, thinking and destiny.

1.     When we care for others with sincerity,
        We are actually not far away from a happy life.


2.     Always forgive other people's fault,
        But be careful in your speech.



3.     Be grateful to your parents, teachers and to all people surround you,
        Never do things that disappoint them.


4.     Life is full of illness,
        Disease is illness,
        Family dispute is illness,
        And social unrest is illness too.



5.     We should nurture our heart with caring and blessings.


6.     Do what is right to do,
        Be content with what you are having,
        Always keep our mind pure,
        And always remain calm and tranquility.


7.     To achieve great accomplishment in life,
        We must have a hardworking spirit.


8.     A love with conditions attached would last no longer,
        Only pure and true love will last longer.



9.     Do not look down upon your ability,
        Every one of us has endless potential and ability.


10.   A fulfilling life is not preoccupied with material objects, prestige, fame, status and power;
        A fulfilling life is filled with true friendships, sharing and caring for each other.



11.   While dealing with others, learn how to compromise,
        As this is a way to live happily.


12.   To give is better than to receive.



13.   It is our obligation not to harm others.
        Having a good heart without doing good deeds is equal to doing nothing at all.


14.   Life is uncertainty as it exists within a moment of a breath.
        Life ends when the breathing stops.
        Therefore, we should appreciate every second we are having.


15.   A wise person must always be humble.


16.   Nothing is impossible with confidence, perseverance and courage.


17.   Life is nothing if we do nothing good to pass the days.


18.   Suffering is a result of endless desires.
               If we can reduce our desires,
               There is nothing really worth getting upset about.



19.   One who is content with his life will feel blessing even he may have to sleep on the grass.
               In contrary, one who is discontent with his life will never enjoy happiness even he is in the heaven.


20.   When we treat others with love and kindness,
                We will not stir up bad feelings.
                Meanwhile, we will be able to form good relationships with others.



21.   Always speak good words,
                Always have good thoughts,
               Always do good deeds,
               And your heart is close to the heaven.


22.   There is no one on this earth,
               I cannot love and forgive.



23.   To give with joy and willingness is to help others with a happy mood.


24.   To forgive someone is to be blessed;
               The more we forgive,
               The more we are blessed.



25.   It is feeling more blessing to serve others than to be served.


26.   When you do good deeds, do not expect for any returns or rewards;
               When people did good deeds, praise them with your sincere heart;
               When you are benefited from others,
               Remember to feel grateful and blessing.



27.   If our thinking is incorrect,
               Our actions will be wrong;
               If our thinking is biased and unfair,
               Everything we do will be wrong.


28.   Our thoughts and actions determine our destiny of heaven or hell.


29.   A confused mind suffers agony;
               An enlightened mind always feels at ease.


30.   Do not say, "It's difficult!"
              But you must say, "I can do it!"

              Every day, I am obliged to say good words;
              Every day, I praise others who did right things;
              Every day, I do things that benefit others;
              And finally I retain good heart every day.

31. Do not grab too many chances at one time,
               One chance is just enough to get a job done.


32.   The most useful words to use in life:
               "Please", "I'm sorry", "Pardon me", "Thank you", "Never mind" and "Take care".



33.   There are four types of people in this world.
               "Inventor", "observer", "dumb waiter" and "destroyer",
               No matter what type of person you are,
               Never be the last one.


34.   We have requested to achieve so much in life;
               But when love, wealth and health are gradually leaving us;
               We finally come to realize that blessing, caring and compassion are the most precious things in life.



35.   While you are venturing your life,
               Never bother how many people are there in front of you,
               But you should care how many people are left behind you.

36.   Our life is like a flower;
               When you nourish your life with compassion and caring,
               It will bloom healthily.


37.   Words those are good to hear,
               Are usually not good words indeed;
              Words those are bad to hear,
               Not all bad words at all.



38.   Fortune can increase your wealth;
               Not necessary increases your wisdom.


39.   Do not show a sour face just because you are busy,
              And do not hate people just because you are tired.


40.   We live in pain as we request so much from others;
               But if you feel satisfy with what you are enjoying,
               Then your life will seem to be complete.


41.   To be success in life, bear in mind with words:
              "Patience", "Compassion", "hardworking", "forgiveness", "reliable", "honest" and "humble".


42.   Initially, we all have a pure and true heart;
               But greediness and delusion had cruelly obscured our pure and peaceful mind.


43.   Do things that you desire to do, its meaning is big;
               Do things that you are obliged to do, its value is big;
               Do things that benefit others, your contribution is huge and priceless.


44.   When thinking, let it be in quiet;
               When treating others, let it be in sincerity;
               When doing a task, let it be in peace;
               When helping others, let it be in tranquility and pleasure.


45.   We may come from different background, education, religion and color,
               But we all have a common interest to dwell in peace, healthy and happily.


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