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  500 Vocabulary Words
Vocabulary Words Vocabulary Words Vocabulary
Food Animals Verbs Prepositions Adverbs of Time
Apple alligator Arrive aboard (When?)
Apricot antler Ask about  
Banana bear Be above yesterday
Bread bird Become across today
Breakfast bison Begin after tomorrow
Butter bull Break against now
Candy cat Bring along then
Carrot cow Build among later
Cheese deer Burn amongst tonight
Chicken dog Buy around right now
Dessert donkey Call as last night
Dinner eagle Choose aside this morning
Fish elephant Clean at next week
Food fish Close before already
Fruit fox Come behind recently
Grapes giraffe Cut below lately
Ice cream goat Dance beneath soon
Lamb hippopotamus Do beside immediately
Lemon hog Dream besides still
Lunch horse Drink between yet
Meal lion Eat beyond . . . ago
Meat llama Fall but  
Onion monkey Find by Adverbs of Place
Orange moose Forget concerning (Where?)
Pork mouse Get despite  
Potato parrot Go down here
Salad pig Hear during there
Salt rabbit Help except over there
Sandwich rhinoceros Kiss failing everywhere
Sausage sheep Know following anywhere
Soup snake Laugh for nowhere
Sugar tiger Live from home
Supper turtle Look in downtown
Turkey whale Love inside back
Vegetables wolf Make into away
  zebra Mean like out
Adjectives   Meet minus  
  Body Parts Need near  
Colors Arm Open next Adverbs of Manner
  Back Play of (How?)
Black Chest Push off  
Blue Ear Read on very
Brown Eye Remember opposite quite
Gray Face Return out pretty
Green Finger Run outside really
Orange Fingers Say over fast
Purple Foot See past well
Red Hair Sell plus hard
White Hand Send regarding quickly
Yellow Head Sit since slowly
  Heart Sleep than carefully
Sizes Leg Speak through hardly
Big Mouth Take throughout barely
Deep Neck Talk till mostly
Long Nose Teach to almost
Narrow Shoulder Tell toward absolutely
Short (in height) Stomach Think under together
Short (in length) Teeth Understand unlike alone
Small, little Tongue Wait until  
Tall Tooth Want up Adverbs of Frequency
Thick   Work upon (How Often?)
Thin Objects   versus  
Wide   Miscellaneous Objects via always
  Bathroom Art with frequently
Shapes Bed Book within usually
Round Bedroom Dictionary without sometimes
Straight Ceiling Geography   occasionally
Square Chair History Two words seldom
Triangular Clothes Math according to rarely
  Coat Music ahead of never
Tastes Cup Science because of  
Bitter Desk Bank close to  
Fresh Dress Beach due to People
Salty Floor By bicycle except for Aunt
Sour Fork By bus far from Baby
Spicy Furniture By car instead of Brother
Sweet Glass By train near to Cousin
  Hat Cafe next to Daughter
Qualities House Country out of Dentist
Bad Ink Desert outside of Doctor
Clean Jacket Flowers prior to Father
Dark Kitchen Football regardless of Granddaughter
Difficult Knife Forest subsequent to Grandfather
Dirty Lamp Game   Grandmother
Dry Letter Garden Three words Grandson
Easy Map House as far as Husband
Empty Newspaper Island as well as Mother
Expensive Notebook Lake by means of Nephew
Fast Pants Library in accordance with Niece
Foreign Paper Mountain in addition to Nurse
Full Pen Movies in case of Policeman
Good Pencil Ocean in front of Postman
Hard (firm) Pharmacy Office in place of Professor
Heavy Picture On foot in spite of Son
Inexpensive Plate Player on account of Teacher
Light (weight) Refrigerator River on behalf of Uncle
Local Restaurant Sea on top of Wife
New Roof Soccer with regard to  
Noisy Room Supermarket    
Old (about things) Rug Swimming pool This  
Old (about people) Scissors Theater That  
Powerful Shampoo Tree These  
Quiet (person) Shirt   Those  
Right / Correct Shoes Weather    
Slow Soap      
Soft Socks bad weather    
Very Spoon cloudy    
Weak Table cold    
Wet Toilet cool    
Wrong / Incorrect Toothbrush foggy    
Young Toothpaste hot    
  Towel nice weather    
Quantities T-shirt pouring    
Few / Little Umbrella raining    
Many / Much Underwear snow    
Part Wall snowing    
Some / A few Wallet sunny    
Whole Window windy    
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